Deep Cut - Kinetic Typography Short Film


Time to lay down some truth.
This is not gonna be nice and you're not gonna thank me for it.


This has been in the works on and off for over a year and half, and I'm glad it's finally out. The staggering amount of hipocrisy people have the soul (or lack thereof) to show in this day and age is disgusting, so I figured I might as well bitch about it coherently.

For those looking for the secret formula to solve the problem, it's rather simple: don't be dicks. Every little bit of dickishness everyone shows snowballs up to the mess our species of conceited primates is. I am constantly surprised by how much we as a whole planet of humans could do if only we put our minds to it, instead of settling for small-mindedness and selfishness and laziness.

Down below is the full script I wrote for this short:

   Some 2500 years ago, a man who’d done his best in life died thinking himself a failure, because people, despite his efforts, were still dicks. His name is Confucius, and you needn’t think too hard to see not much has changed since then. Shit, it’s enough to take a glance at the people we elect as leaders, only to have them do the exact same arrogantly disdainful things as their predecessors, doing their best to rake in as much profit and influence as available, in order to be able to do more of that same thing, and shoving resources into the military, in our best time-honoured human tradition of killing each other over patches of land. 
      Famine, disease, poverty and oppression, they are not happening on some distant world or in a pretty fiction, and those people certainly didn’t ask to handle the consequences of the wars we’ve waged over there for oil, or gas, or diamonds, or gold! They are here, on Earth, with us, perhaps just decent persons trying their best not to get killed by whoever happens to hold the gun over there. 
   And let’s talk a bit about those governments. Those governments who promote peace and conquer weaker countries, those governments who promote equality and the ministers are all male, those governments who promote freedom of speech and censor media outlets or politely assassinate and quietly dispose of the most vehement opposers, those governments whose members think they’re above the law, those governments who promote education and leave schools minimal budgets, those governments who make talks about compassion while guiding their decisions after what’s best for business, all in the plain view of those people who pretend it’s not their fault, and who make real efforts to convince one another that they wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing, even though they would’ve. Had they only been rich and powerful…! 
   But they aren’t, so instead they cajole those who are, and one another too; you know, just in case. Dishonest, just because, well, you know, everybody else is. And a few make their way upwards on the societal ladder that only exists in their minds, but that’s actually okay, because, whaddya’ know, if enough people believe it exists….. And of course, even in the face of the hardest evidence, they still won’t admit that the evil is their fault. Oh no… They’ll blame society, cus’ of course it’s easier to blame a harmless abstract concept instead of taking responsibility, but, funny thing, heh, the consequences are never abstract at all. And then those who do make it big build and crash businesses at a whim, unregulated, unstoppable, but you know what? It’s no prob, no sweat, don’t fret, they don’t care, cus’ by that time they’ve found out: when the banks collapse, it’s seldom the bankers who starve.   
   But they are sad. Many of them are sad. A lot of the people you meet will admit they are sad. And there’s no surprise. Sadness is comfortable. Sadness is easy. That’s why most people prefer it!
   And by this point, you might be expecting me to go on with an uplifting argument, a motivational speech, wouldn’t you like that? Something to make you feel like you have the power, just for a little while, and then carry on,… but ya know what? Fuck you! You’d so like to hear that fortunately there’s still time, but not much, just a little, so you must act now, cus’ now you know the truth! 
   But it’s not true at all. In fact, you have done nothing, and have no more time left. Your time… is up.

Now you may go back to contributing to the hot steaming pile.

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