Why are T-Shirts so boring? - Study on T-shirt design diversity

The list of things that bug me is practically unending, but if it's narrow, lazy or plain stupid, it probably fits the bill. However, the list of things that bug me so much I've made an actual study on them, collecting primary data myself and stuff, contains, for now, one.

Is Silicon Valley on the verge of disaster... again?

(map by Jay Simons)
It is traditional for moments of epiphany to involve bathtubs and evrikas, even though it doesn't happen all that often. Mine happened during an especially boring lecture. I was tempted to run around naked, evrika-ing at people, but I decided to keep the revelation in my pants err... self. To myself.

I had been reading news at random, a habit I had been keeping for boring courses for longer than I care to admit, and it struck me. Because sometimes, if you follow enough strands aimlessly, you start reaching the same miserable node, where they get hopelessly tangled. Eventually, enough jigsaw pieces you had no idea fit together become an image you weren't even intending to build, and, just for a few golden moments, the world presents itself on a platter with all the inevitability of a freight train. And you know you've just noticed something almost nobody else has, or, if they have, they're keeping it to themselves. 

My own version of evrika went something on the lines of: "Oh... shit. It's happening again, isn't it?"