The Meaning of Life (A.K.A. ShartQuest)
This potty-mouthed (sorry) little platformer is the first game I've ever made. Newgrounds announced their Construct 3 Game Jam, also known as the game jam for people with no skills, a few weeks ago. I had a whole lotta fun making it and forgot to eat for around 9 hours while working.

The intricate plot of this little dumbass adventure is that, as a little piece of poo who shits smaller shits, your quest is to find the 8 pieces of Ancient Bathroom Stall Wisdom and ... yeah it's written above. The game has 3 (or 2.5, depends how you take it) endings: the good end, the bad end and the secret end. It does have a few twists down the road. But it's really just a bit of silly random at times fucked-up fun. Hope you enjoy it!

Done by me like a big buoy, with great music from the generous Kevin MacLeod, who gives away a lot of his original music for free. Love yer sweet butt, Kevin!

Spoiler Town:
The first "piece of wisdom" is the only one I've actually found written on the inside of a toilet stall. I made up the rest (observable from the decline in quality).

You might be surprised to learn this, but the game has a deeper meaning than meets the eye. If you got both the bad and good endings, you know that it turns out that the score was entirely pointless. And that's the point. As with marks in school and money quite often, people do a lot of things to get numbers on paper, without stopping to wonder why they do it, or whether those numbers are important at all. In this case, you massacre a whole clan of kernels simply because a number on the screen increases if you do that, or simply because it's easier. Ignore the number, do what's important truly just about sums it up.


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